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We have dance books and CDs of Scottish country dance music for sale!

Platinum Dance Book 1946-2016 with music arranged by George Meikle

We celebrated our 70th anniversary in 2016! To commemorate this special year we have published a book of 15 new dances devised by Branch members.

We followed up the publication of our Platinum Dance Book with a set of videos showcasing each of the 15 dances. Members of the branch can now be seen performing these dances on YouTube.

As an extra bonus, each couple is colour-coded so you can follow the course of the dances from every position. Music was provided by George Meikle and the whole enterprise was filmed and edited by Rolf Schwarz.

Videos of all the dances are available on YouTube at:

To purchase our Platinum Dance Book of 15 new dances to celebrate our 70th Anniversary with music arranged by George Meikle, price £6, please click here to place your order (PDF, 710 KB).


Diamond Jubilee Dance Book and CD

This book of Birmingham dances was published in 2006 to commemorate our 60th anniversary.
Many of the dances have since become well-known and the CD is full of catchy tunes played by George Meikle and his band. To order your copy now, click here for an order form (PDF, 710 KB).

Scottish Country Dances 2004

This book combines dances from the 1973 and 1986 Birmingham books in one volume. Once again to order your copy now, click here for an order form (PDF, 710 KB).

Other books and CDs

Our RSCDS Birmingham books and CDs, plus many other Scottish dance resources are available from our friends at RSCDS Leeds -